All the One Day filming locations in Rome, Paris and London (2024)

All the One Day filming locations in Rome, Paris and London (1)

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The highly anticipated romantic comedy drama series One Day has finally dropped on Netflix.

The brand new adaptation of David Nicholls’ 2009 best-selling novel of the same name stars Leo Woodall (The White Lotus) and Ambika Mod (This is Going to Hurt) as the star-crossed lovers, Dexter and Emma.

Set over 14 episodes, the first scene is on 15 July 1988, with each episode taking place exactly a year later, so we see the pair growing up and taking different paths through life.

And with filming taking place in Rome, Greece, London and Edinburgh, there are plenty of scenes that will ignite your wanderlust.

Where was One Day filmed?


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Filming for One Day took place in several locations around the UK and Europe.

In the first episode, we see Emma and Dexter first meeting at a university graduation party in Edinburgh.

The scenes were filmed in the courtyard of The Old College, a late 18th-century to early 19th-century building of the University of Edinburgh.

After getting better acquainted, the pair hike up the picturesque extinct volcano and Scottish landmark of Arthur’s Seat.

And in the final moments of episode one, we see Dexter chase after Emma to get her phone, a scene that was filmed on the Vennel Steps, a historic and scenic alleyway situated off the Grassmarket, with an incredible view of Edinburgh Castle.

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Episode two sees Dexter on holiday in Rome, where he meets his parents. Viewers watch him standing in front of the statuesque 17th-century Fontana dell’Acqua Paola, wandering through the green space and restaurants of the Trastevere quarter, and meeting his mother on the Spanish Steps.

According to Condé Nast Traveller, the hotel where Dexter meets his mother with a stellar view of the Rome skyline, was actually filmed at two hotels near Piazza Navona. The terrace is part of the Bio Hotel Raphaël on Largo Febo, while the entrance where Dexter says goodbye is the Campo de’ Fiori, on via del Biscione.

The Greek island where the young couple take a holiday together is Paros. In episode four, we see the harbour at Naousa, the pretty fishing village in the north of the island, as well as several of the island’s beaches, plus the narrow cobbled streets, old churches and blue and white buildings of the town of Parikia.

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Back in London, filming locations took place at the superlative London hotel, The Savoy, Primrose Hill and King’s Cross station.

Loco Caliente, the Mexican restaurant where Emma and Ian work, was actually filmed at Old Suffolk Punch, one of Hammersmith’s oldest pubs, which is currently awaiting demolition to create a new pub and 40-bedroom hotel, according to Hammersmith Today.

In episode nine, Dexter has a difficult stay at his new girlfriend’s parents' palatial pile in Hertfordshire.

Filming took place at Benington Lordship, near Stevenage in Hertfordshire, “a tranquil garden park known for its verdant country landscape, castle ruins and contemporary sculpture”. It’s a popular destination in February for its snowdrops, while the popular Benington Chilli Festival takes place every August.

Hatfield House in Hertfordshire was another filming location used for One Day. The reception following Tilly’s wedding in which Emma gives a speech takes place in the historic Old Palace.

The pair later take a stroll through the Lime Walk in the West Garden of Hatfield House.

Built in 1611, the Jacobean House was also a filming location for The Favourite, Paddington 2, Bridgerton and spin-off series Queen Charlotte.

In episode 12, we see Dexter arriving in Paris to visit Emma, who has moved to the French capital for a research visit.

The pair stroll along Rue Pierre Semard, before stopping to talk on Passerelle Emmanuelle Riva, an iron bridge that crosses Canal St Martin, a former industrial waterway lined with trendy restaurants and bars.

Fancy your own French fancy? The Independent’s reviewer listed Le Bourg Tibourg as the most romantic hotel in the capital, writing: “The place abounds with whimsical opulence: chandeliers, antique furniture, lavish fabrics and wallpapers all in deep reds, with accents of purple, green and grey.”

Can I visit the filming locations in One Day?

With the exception of the Old Suffolk Punch, yes. Hatfield House and Gardens are currently closed for the season, but reopen on 23 May.

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All the One Day filming locations in Rome, Paris and London (2024)


Where in Rome was One Day filmed? ›

Rome, Italy

According to Condé Nast Traveller, the hotel where Dexter meets his equally charismatic mother (played by Essie Davis) was filmed at two hotels near Piazza Navona.

Where was One Day filmed in London? ›

Back in London, filming locations took place at the superlative London hotel, The Savoy, Primrose Hill and King's Cross station.

Where was One Day filmed in Paris? ›

Paris, France

As the pair wanders around the City of Love, viewers can spot the street Rue Pierre Semard and bridge Passerelle Emmanuelle Riva. Emma's apartment exterior was filmed along the street Rue des Gobelins in the 13th arrondissem*nt. You love filming locations.

Where was the One Day series filmed? ›

The series filmed all over the UK, from Hatfield House in Hertfordshire (which was also a filming location for Queen Charlotte) to The Savoy hotel, King's Cross station, and Primrose Hill in London.

Where in Italy is One Day filmed? ›

For the hotel where he meets his mother, with its enviable view of the Rome skyline, filming took place at two hotels near Piazza Navona. The terrace is part of the Bio Hotel Raphaël on Largo Febo, while the entrance where Dex says his farewells is the Campo de' Fiori, on via del Biscione.

Where was the restaurant scene in One Day filmed? ›

Emma is grinding away at a low quality Mexican restaurant called Loco Caliente in Kentish Town (which was actually filmed at a disused pub in Hammersmith, called Old Suffolk Punch), while Dexter has a stylish new girlfriend called Naomi (Ella Rae-Smith) and the beginnings of a career in the media.

Where is the house in One Day? ›

Another rather lovely country house which appears in the series is Benington Lordship, also in Hertfordshire. Posing as the home of Sylvie's parents, the house was built in around 1700 - as is evidenced in its gabled roof, multi-paned windows and cornicing throughout.

Where is the hill in One Day? ›

Where is the hill from One Day? After spending the night together in episode 1, Emma and Dexter hike up a big hill. This is Arthur's Seat, which is the huge hill that overlooks Edinburgh from the east, and is now part of Holyrood Park.

Was One Day filmed in Edinburgh? ›

One Day is the 2024 Netflix remake of the story of an unlikely romance between a mis-matched couple who meet as they are both graduating from university, spanning 20 years of meeting up every 15th of July. Partly set and filmed in Edinburgh, discover more about the locations used in the series.

Where is One Day episode 7 filmed? ›

And for Dexter and Emma's car crash of a meal in episode seven, the pair dine at the fictional restaurant Pacific, which was filmed in the real life restaurant Quaglino's in Mayfair.

Where was One Day episode 5 filmed? ›

Episode 5. parents. BRIXTON NIGHTCLUB: FIRE Nightclub, London. FORELLI'S RESTAURANT: Emma's date venue with Ian was filmed at Smith & Wollensky, The Adelphi, London.

Was the floor taped in One Day? ›

All 10 episodes were filmed in one week in Dublin, he says. Eight contestants are eliminated each show.

Is One Day based on a true story? ›

Is One Day on Netflix based on a true story? No, One Day on Netflix is based on David Nicholls's popular novel of the same name, which is a work of fiction.

When was One Day filmed 2024? ›

Filming. Principal photography began in London on 4 July 2022 before moving to Edinburgh on 18 July. Filming took place on location at the University of Edinburgh's Old College, as well as the city centre, West End, and Old Town.

What city was one day at a time filmed in? ›

Where was One Day at a Time Filmed? One Day at a Time was filmed in Los Angeles and Sony Pictures Studios.

Where are the stairs from One Day? ›

One Day Edinburgh Stairs Scene | TikTok. Welcome, welcome to Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland! These are the stairs where Lord Darnley and several nobles entered Queen Mary's private chambers on 9 March 1566.

Which Greek island was One Day filmed in? ›

Paros, Greece

Shot on the island of Paros, the trip accentuates the sharp contrast between the two. However, under the Greek sun, they quickly remember why they've remained friends and kept in touch, year after year. A Mediterranean holiday that might just change everything.

Where is the restaurant in the Netflix series One Day? ›

Central London

In episode five we also see Emma's first date with Ian at a fancy restaurant. This was filmed at Smith and Wollensky steak restaurant near the Adelphi theatre.


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