Meet the candidates 2022: Marshall County Treasurer (2024)

Meet the candidates 2022: Marshall County Treasurer (1)

Editor’s note: As current Marshall County Treasurer Jarret Heil has opted to run for a seat on the board of supervisors, there are two candidates in the Republican primary who hope to replace him, Mark Eaton and Deann Tomlinson. The T-R sent questionnaires to both candidates ahead of the June 7 primary, and their responses are printed below.

What is your personal and professional background, and why are you running for Marshall County Treasurer?

Eaton: I have a Bachelor’s in Engineering Tech, and a Masters’ in business with a graduate minor in Computer Integrated Manufacturing. I have designed three products and implemented manufacturing systems to create and market those products. I have been an operations manager for a multi-state product distributor, growing that company’s product offering and streamlining its facilities and business systems. I have written software for job automation, as well as websites.

I have built two companies from the ground up with international sales and support. I have worked with many cultures across the globe from Japan to Italy and Tasmania to Finland. I am running for county treasurer to use all of my experience and skills to improve the customer and employee experience with the county.

Tomlinson: I’m a graduate of West Marshall High School and a lifelong resident of Marshall County, growing up and still living on the family farm. I obtained a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University and previously worked 11 years as an underwriter in life insurance. I’m running for county treasurer because I love serving the public and the challenge to make local government more efficient and easier for the people of Marshall County.

I’ll work to find new efficiencies in local government and ways to make it more user friendly for taxpayers to obtain services. I’ll work closely with other county offices to maximize county tax dollar savings and enhance services for citizens. I’ll utilize the office to be a resource for taxpayers to know where their tax dollars are going. It’s important Marshall County residents have a financially disciplined treasurer managing the county’s collections and investments.

If elected, what would be your general philosophy with regards to running the office be, and what changes, if any, would you propose?

Eaton: The treasurer’s office is a large part of the county’s interface with the public. If I am elected, I will create a positive work environment for all of the employees that work in the department, as well as all of the departments that interface with the treasurer’s office. I will also improve the systems, processes, and the customer experience.

Tomlinson: My philosophy is that public service matters! It’s simple, take care of our customers the way we would want to be treated! I would continue managing the staff to maintain the vision of service, finding easier ways for the public to do county business in a fiscally responsible way, and finding efficiencies in our processes to protect the taxpayer.

In recent months, the current treasurer, Jarret Heil, has raised concerns about pay rates for his staff and how these rates compare to other county departments. If elected, what, if any, changes would you advocate for to address the situation?

Eaton: If I am elected, I will work to ensure that pay and benefits packages are fair and competitive. There have been many employee studies on pay and benefits vs job quality. While everyone always wants good pay, a positive work experience with growth opportunities often ranks higher than pay. Reports in the news of exit interviews of personnel that have left the Treasurer’s office are echoing these claims. My goal is to reverse the turnover trend in the department by creating a professional work environment with skill building and productivity enhancing technology. The technical tools are there, they just need to be exposed for everyone’s benefit.

Tomlinson: I’ve studied the pay of the employees in the Marshall County Treasurer’s Office, and many of the positions’ pay is less than other departments of the same grade positions. The pay should be adjusted according to the current grading scale within our policies. Or, an independent human resources firm needs to review our grading standards and policies to determine if the grading scale is accurate and the pay should reflect fairly according to that determination.

Why are you the most qualified candidate for this office?

Eaton: I hope that in the previous three paragraphs I have illustrated why I am qualified to be your next county treasurer. I will improve both the customer and employee experience while improving the work environment with technology and training, as well as improve the interface with other departments. I respectfully request your vote at the June 7 primary and the Nov. 8 general election. Thank you.

Tomlinson: I’m currently in my eighth year working in the treasurer’s office. I know the office inside out and will be able to hit the ground running! I have the experience and ability to fill in on all roles of the office. I have a level-headed, balanced approach to managing the office yet maintaining our number one focus, the service to the taxpayers and people of Marshall County that I will represent. I’m humbled to have an outpouring of support from my family, friends, and community members. I would be honored to have your vote on June 7!

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Meet the candidates 2022: Marshall County Treasurer (2024)


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