Spring Bucket List Ideas & Spring Bucket List Planner (2024)

Holidays/ Spring Bucket List Ideas & Spring Bucket List Planner

By Cris Smith

Spring is such a wonderful time of year full of new beginnings. To make sure you are making the most of this Spring, here are tons of Spring bucket list ideas to add to your list to make sure you do everything you want to do this Spring.

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You can even get a Spring Bucket List Planner to record everything and check it off as you complete the items. This will ensure that you don’t forget anything and everything gets done.

Make sure you add some self-care items to your Spring bucket list. You can get lots of those below too!

107 Spring Bucket List Ideas

  1. Plant some flowers
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Eat ice cream
  4. Bake cakes
  5. Visit a farm
  6. Go to the zoo
  7. Decorate eggs
  8. Make some Easter cards
  9. Pick berries
  10. Go on a bike ride
  11. Fly a kite
  12. Take a family photo
  13. Pick wildflowers
  14. Do some Spring cleaning
  15. Make a Mother’s Day present
  16. Take a nature walk
  17. Jump in puddles
  18. Have a “no screen” day
  19. Pop some popcorn
  20. Try a new restaurant
  21. Plan a weekend getaway
  22. Visit your grandparents
  23. Make a blanket fort
  24. Blow bubbles outside
  25. Paint rocks
  26. Read a new book
  27. Play in the rain
  28. Spot a rainbow
  29. Catch butterflies
  30. Find a ladybug
  31. Play frisbee
  32. Find a four-leaf clover
  33. Make a flower necklace
  34. Play at the park
  35. Make lemonade
  36. Enjoy an outdoor concert
  37. Make mocktails
  38. Visit a flower field
  39. Hang a birdfeeder
  40. Read a book about fresh starts
  41. Visit a hot air balloon festival
  42. Make banana muffins
  43. Start a vegetable garden
  44. Donate old clothes
  45. Jump on a trampoline
  46. Make mud pies
  47. Go to an aquarium
  48. Paint a flower pot
  49. Ride a swing
  50. Go on a family walk
  51. Make a cheerful music playlist
  52. Feed the squirrels
  53. Play hopscotch
  54. Smell the wildflowers
  55. Walk barefoot in the grass
  56. Start a gratitude journal
  57. Go bowling
  58. Dress up in bright colors
  59. Play a fun sport
  60. Have a water balloon fight
  61. Go on an Easter egg hunt
  62. Visit a farmer’s market
  63. Eat strawberry shortcake
  64. Stargaze at night
  65. Watch the sunset
  66. Find shapes in the clouds
  67. Soak in a hot spring
  68. Visit the sand dunes
  69. Declutter
  70. Plan summer trips
  71. Buy a new Spring dress
  72. Find a local fair
  73. Find a butterfly exhibit
  74. Plant flowers in a pot
  75. Wash the car
  76. Play golf
  77. Feed the ducks
  78. Go fishing
  79. Have a BBQ party
  80. Get a fresh Spring manicure
  81. Take a walk around a lake
  82. Make a rainbow craft
  83. Shop garage sales
  84. Visit the library
  85. Schedule a self-care night
  86. Add some plants to your home
  87. Paint rainbows
  88. Make paper planes
  89. Hang windchimes
  90. Make an Easter/Spring wreath
  91. Make upcycled Easter baskets
  92. Decorate your outdoor space
  93. Go to a baseball game
  94. Try outdoor yoga
  95. Arrange some flowers
  96. Explore a pond
  97. Visit a botanical garden
  98. Make a fruit smoothie
  99. Make a suncatcher
  100. Take pictures of nature
  101. Find seasonal produce
  102. Splash in puddles
  103. Watch a festive parade
  104. Decorate your home for Spring
  105. Celebrate April Fool’s Day
  106. Run a 5K for a good cause
  107. Pay it forward

Spring Self-Care Bucket List Ideas

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Spend time in sunshine
  3. Deep clean and declutter
  4. Listen to the birds sing
  5. Create a vision board
  6. Do a digital detox
  7. Change your room decor
  8. Add 10 minutes of stretching
  9. Go for a walk
  10. Get outside daily
  11. Start a DIY project
  12. Organize your closet
  13. Read an inspiring book
  14. Buy yourself flowers
  15. Change up your skincare routine for warmer months
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Lists to Add to Your Spring Bucket List

When creating your Spring bucket list, there may be lists of different things that you want to do that you want to keep track of. Below are some ideas of lists to record in your Spring bucket list:

  1. Movies to watch
  2. Spring recipes to try
  3. Books to read
  4. Restaurants to eat at
  5. Things to donate
  6. Spring must-haves to buy
  7. New skills to learn
  8. Spring clothes to buy
  9. New crafts to do
  10. Habits to change
  11. New sports to try
  12. Desserts to bake
  13. New podcasts to listen to
  14. New seasonal fruits to try
  15. Spring colors to try on
  16. Venues/gardens to visit
  17. New goals to aim for
  18. Outdoor activities to do

Spring Photo Challenge

If you like to take pictures, below is a list of things you can take photos of during the Spring. Add this Spring photo challenge to your Spring bucket list.

  1. Butterfly
  2. Flowers
  3. Puddles
  4. Leaves
  5. Birds in a nest
  6. Wildflowers
  7. Lemonade
  8. Salad
  9. Easter eggs
  10. Grass
  11. Garden
  12. Bicycle
  13. Fruits
  14. Limes
  15. Umbrella
  16. Ice cream
  17. Bunny
  18. Squirrel
  19. Bubbles
  20. April showers
  21. Rainbow
  22. Sunrise
  23. Rainboots
  24. Easter baskets
  25. Planting seeds
  26. Trees in bloom
  27. Picnic in the park
  28. Spring outfit
  29. Kites flying
  30. Blue skies
  31. Handmade gift for Mom
  32. Baseball
  33. Dandelions
  34. Ladybug
  35. Cakes
  36. Spring cleaning

How to Start Fresh in the Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Below are some ideas of things you can start fresh with this Spring.

  1. Get daily fresh air
  2. Change colors and decors inside the house
  3. Soak up the Spring sunshine
  4. Play in the Spring rain
  5. Practice meditation
  6. Dedicate more time to exercise
  7. Go camping
  8. Take a good book and read at the park
  9. Water your plants
  10. Create a positive, repetitive habit
  11. Take a daily stroll
  12. Develop a nighttime routine
  13. Practice mindfulness
  14. Prioritize yourself

Get the Spring Bucket List Planner

You can use the lists above and keep track of everything yourself. If you want to make it easy and keep everything in one place, get the Spring bucket list planner. This planner is a 16 page PDF digital file that you can download and print at home. It prints on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. The planner already has the above filled in for you, and you can check off the items as you complete them. There is also space for you to fill in the lists above.

The Spring bucket list planner contains the following pages:

  1. A cover page
  2. Spring bucket list ideas checklist – page 1
  3. Spring bucket list ideas checklist – page 2
  4. Spring bucket list ideas checklist – page 3
  5. Spring self-care bucket list ideas with check-off boxes for each day of the week
  6. Spring bucket lists to create (from above) with space for five items for each list
  7. Spring bucket lists to create – page 2
  8. Spring bucket lists to create – page 3
  9. Spring bucket list blank checklist (for you to fill in with your own ideas)
  10. Spring photo challenge checklist page (with the items from above)
  11. How to start fresh in Spring checklist page with items from above and blank lines for you to fill in your own items
  12. Spring plans calendar page for March (undated so you can use the planner year after year)
  13. Spring plans calendar page for April (undated so you can use the planner year after year)
  14. Spring plans calendar page for May (undated so you can use the planner year after year)
  15. Spring plans calendar page for June (undated so you can use the planner year after year)
  16. Blank page for notes or anything else you want to record (print out as many copies of this page as you need)

The Spring bucket list planner is $12.00. Click the button below to be taken to the order page to purchase the planner. Make this Spring your best Spring ever!

Buy NowGet the Spring Bucket List Planner!

Please note these printables are forpersonal use only. You do not have permission to sell them for profit or claim them as your own design.

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