Trader Joe's Recipes (2024)

We found some of the best Trader Joe’s Recipes including Trader Joe’s copycat recipes and recipes that use Trader Joe’s ingredients.

Trader Joe's Recipes (1)

Trader Joe’s Recipes

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I am a huge fan of Trader Joe’s. Every time I go into their grocery store, I am amazed by the prices, options, and flavors. I have been tempted to Google, “why they are so cheap?” but I never have done it – anyone know this answer? Regardless of price, what often is more important to me are quality ingredients and flavor. Since Trader Joe’s all all of these things – great prices, flavor and whole ingredients, this is a grocery store I frequent. I can’t always stock my pantry with their options, but I can create some pretty yummy recipes (and toss in a few, delicious snacks while I shop!)

We have researched and put together some of the best Trader Joe’s Recipes. These recipes include copycat trader Joe’s recipes – because who hasn’t’ tried to replicateCowboy Bark? We also have included recipes that include Trader Joe’s ingredients, some recipes as low as 3 ingredients – sounds like an easy winner to this mom! I actually love some of these options, because sometimes I look at their frozen options and think, how can I pair this in the the most perfect dinner idea?

Happy shopping!

Trader Joe's Recipes (2)

Have you tried Cowboy Bark? If you haven’t, don’t even start. It’s so addictively good. Grab this copycat Trader Joe’s recipe! | Averie Cooks

Trader Joe's Recipes (3)

Yes, please! Trader Joe’s Copycat Curried Chicken Deli Salad – this recipe is a true winner! Maggie uses this chicken salad both inside a pita and over a salad. | Home Sweet Jones

Trader Joe's Recipes (4)

Another addicting Trader Joe’s copy cat recipe is the Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas, this dessert makes me bananas! | The View from the Great Island

Trader Joe's Recipes (5)

Use your Trader Joe ingredients for this delicious Whole 30 recipe – Cauliflower Fried Rice. Consider serving it with Liquid Aminos – a staple in our home. | The Movement Menu

Trader Joe's Recipes (6)

An incredibly quick, easy, and healthy copycat recipe for Trader Joe’s Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip. Ca we get away with eating a bowl for dinner? | Shared Appetite

Trader Joe's Recipes (7)

Look at this dessert – Speculoos Cookie Butter Baked Oatmeal for One (no sharing it’s for one!) | Healthy Food for Living

Trader Joe's Recipes (8)

Does anyone else enjoy the taste of coffee 24/7. Take that flavors to your meats with this Copycat Trader Joe’s Smokey Coffee BBQ Spice Rub | Balanced Bites

Trader Joe's Recipes (9)

Sweet summertime… Grilled Pizza Recipes With Trader Joe’s Ingredients – I think I would take a bite of all of them! |Pop Sugar

Trader Joe's Recipes (10)

These Coconut Cashews, inspired by Trader Joe’s, are made with coconut milk, coconut oil, sugar, and coconut flakes to create some incredibly delicious candied nuts! | Dessert Now Dinner Later

Trader Joe's Recipes (11)

Trader Joe’s s Thai Red Curry Chicken with Rice Noodles. It’s a simple, flavorful dish that won’t ruin your diet! Seconds, please. | A Savory Feast

Trader Joe's Recipes (12)

I mean if cookie butter can get any better, it has to be with OREO cookies. Take a look at this Trader Joe’s Copycat Cookies and Cream Cookie Butter | The Cookie Rookie (Why does she call herself a rookie?… this is totally a pro recipe!)

Trader Joe's Recipes (13)

Another win with Trader Joe’s Ingredients – Ten Minute Wonton Soup. I love that this has only 3 ingredients! | Jersey Girl Cooks

Trader Joe's Recipes (14)

Copycat Trader Joe’s Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds (Almonds… that makes it healthy, right?) | 24 Carrot Life

Trader Joe's Recipes (15)

This looks perfect for a picnic…. ah forget the checkered blanket, I could eat this daily from my couch – Tomato-less Sweet Corn Salsa. Pass the chips please! | Bake Your Day

Trader Joe's Recipes (16)

Make a fun dip with Trader Joe ingredients, Trader Joe’s Chunky Lentil Dip. I love that this has only 5 ingredients! | The Mod Chik

Trader Joe's Recipes (17)

No jingle bells or warm fires are needed for this recipe – it’s a year-round addictive bite! Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joes – more please! | The Stay at Home Chef

Trader Joe's Recipes (18)

This is one of my favorite items to pick up from Trader Joes – Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus. I always eat the dip with their mini sesame crackers – so good! |Kim’s Cravings

Trader Joe's Recipes (19)

MMMM…. Trader Joe’s Classic Lemon Bars have a crispy buttery crust with a sweet and sour lemon filling. | Dinner then Dessert

Trader Joe's Recipes (20)

You are going to love the crunch and unique flavor of these chocolate-covered dry roasted edamame! | Weary Chef

Trader Joe's Recipes (21)

This is the best way to wrap it up too! Download these 8 Healthy Crackpot Freezer Meals from Trader Joe’s. i love that it takes only 65 minutes to prep! | New Leaf Wellness

Trader Joe's Recipes (22)

Trader Joe's Recipes (23)

Want more copycat recipes? Take a look at this Copycat Dips and Sauces. Pin to Pinterest.

Trader Joe's Recipes (24)

Also enjoy these Copycat Olive Garden Recipes. Pin to Pinterest.

Trader Joe's Recipes (25)

Trader Joe's Recipes (26)
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Trader Joe's Recipes (2024)


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