Where to Get Straw in Skyrim (Easy Way) - Complete Guide (2024)

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Are you wondering where to get Straw in Skyrim? Worry not, because we’ve got a complete guide on how to obtain it and what to use it for.

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With the introduction of the Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim, a new building material was introduced that allowed players to craft various things. This new material is known as straw and can be used to build bedding, archery targets, trophies, and much more. If you are playing the game for the first time or want to know where to get straw in Skyrim, worry not because we’ve got you covered.

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Where to Get Straw in Skyrim?

To get straw in Skyrim, you can head over to the General Stores such as the Arnleif and Sons Trading Company and The Pawned Prawn to name a few.

There are many other locations where you can get straw in Skyrim so if you want to know about them, we’ve listed them in the section below. Plus, if you want to know why is it important to get straw, we’ll talk about that as well. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at where to get straw in Skyrim and what it’s used for.

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As aforementioned, you can find straw at a few General Stores that can be found across the map of Skyrim. Since you cannot get it from all stores, we’ve listed down all the places where you can get it so that you don’t aimlessly roam around in hopes of finding straw.

Finding straw is an annoying task since very few shops offer it. Plus, it is expensive – which can be quite frustrating to deal with since it is an important resource. However, keep in mind that the shops that sell straw have a limited quantity. Once you buy all the straw from their inventory, you’ll have to wait a few in-game days for them to restock. With that said, here are all the shops that sell straw in Skyrim:

  • Arnleif and Sons Trading Company – Markarth
  • The Pawned Prawn – Riften
  • Belethor’s General Goods – Whiterun
  • Bits and Pieces – Solitude
  • Birna’s Oddments – Winterhold
  • Sadri’s Used Wares – Windhelm

Luckily, these shops are located in almost all major settlements. So, if you find yourself in one of these areas, you can visit the shop and buy straw. Make sure that you always get plenty of straw so you don’t have to visit the shop again and again just to buy more.

Another thing that most players aren’t aware of is that you can sometimes find straw while searching random household containers. It can be located in cupboards, dressers, chests, and many other containers that you will find all across the map.

Keep in mind that the quantity is random and you won’t always get a lot of it but it is good to check all of these areas. Plus, since you will be looting chests and other containers anyways, why not go the extra mile and look for straw in them as well.

Marrying Lydia for Straw

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Another method of getting straw is to marry Lydia. Once you have her as your follower, you can ask her to find straw for you and she’ll tell you or bring it. This is a good method of getting straw if you are unsure where to look for them. Plus, if the shops have run out and you are waiting for them to restock, Lydia will help you gather some more in the meantime.

What is Straw used for in Skyrim?

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Now that you know where you can stock up on straw, let’s take a look at what it is used for. Straw was first introduced in the Hearthfire DLC. It allows you to construct your houses if you mix it with stone and other materials. While the entire process of making your own house isn’t that difficult, it can be pretty annoying and tedious all things considered.

On top of that, you can also make target dummies to practice your archery or sword skills on. This will allow you to increase your archery skill without having to engage in combat. This is a good way to have a high-level archery skill and it will also allow you to have a better aim.

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One of the best things that you can craft using straw is the apiary. This material is needed if you wish to breed bees to produce honeycomb at the Lakeview Manor home. On its own, this material might not be useful but if you want to indulge in alchemy, the honeycomb will be extremely useful when brewing potions.

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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is available to play on Steam.

Where to Get Straw in Skyrim (Easy Way) - Complete Guide (2024)


Where to Get Straw in Skyrim (Easy Way) - Complete Guide? ›

Are you looking for straw in Skyrim? This building material can't be found in the wild; you must purchase it from a General Goods Merchant. Luckily, they can be found all across Skyrim. Once you have enough straw, you can continue crafting bedding, trophies, and more.

How to farm straw in Skyrim? ›

Are you looking for straw in Skyrim? This building material can't be found in the wild; you must purchase it from a General Goods Merchant. Luckily, they can be found all across Skyrim. Once you have enough straw, you can continue crafting bedding, trophies, and more.

Where can I get straw for free in Skyrim? ›

In addition to the general stores, straw can occasionally be found while exploring in common household containers, such as dressers, cupboards, chests, and barrels.

How do you get straw? ›

Straw is somewhat of a by-product. After cereal grain grasses, such as wheat, rye and barley have been harvested for the grain-bearing seed head, the hollow stems of these grass plants remain. These hollow stems or straw, are baled up much like the hay in rectangular-shape bales.

Where do you get straw and clay in Skyrim? ›

You should find brown clay deposits around the property to mine, similarly to the quarried stone, and you buy straw (and glass and goat horns) from general stores.

Should I remodel my house into the entryway in Skyrim? ›


This may be the first thing you want to do. This changes the interior layout of the Small House from a complete house set to an entrance of chests, tables of game and produce fresh for dinner, weapon racks and shelves.

How to get a girlfriend in Skyrim? ›

Travel to Riften and go inside the Bee and Barb. Talk to Marmaral and ask him about getting married, he will then offer to sell you an Amulet of Mara for 200 gold. After you obtain the Amulet of Mara speak to a woman/man you wish to marry. You can only marry certain individuals in Skyrim.

How to adopt a child in Skyrim? ›

Talk to Constance Michel about adoption.

Once you finish the conversation, you can select a child for adoption. You'll need to choose the following speech options in response to her questions: When you initially talk to her, select "Could I adopt one of your children?", then select "What do I need to do?"

Is there a free house in Skyrim? ›

Players need no cheats to get a house in Whiterun for free. Fans can save money if they use a glitch after defending the city from a dragon attack, thereby completing the Dragon Rising quest, and Jarl Balgruuf will guarantee them their own home.

Where is straw found? ›

Straw is an agricultural byproduct consisting of the dry stalks of cereal plants after the grain and chaff have been removed. It makes up about half of the yield by weight of cereal crops such as barley, oats, rice, rye and wheat.

How do farmers make straw? ›

Straw is also made from the stems and leaves of plants, but is cut after of the plants have been allowed to mature and the seed heads have been harvested for something else. Straw has very little nutritional value, and is best used as bedding for animals.

How to make hay? ›

The Hay Production Process: Cutting, Drying, and Tedding

Use your rotary cutter to cut down the hay you'd like to bale. Once the hay is cut, it will pass through the cutter's conditioners. This step breaks down the stems, which allows drying to take place more quickly. Allow your hay to dry.

How many materials does it take to build a house in Skyrim? ›

To Fully build a large home you need 366 logs, 582 nails(59 ingots), 51 iron fittings(51 ingots), 39 iron ingots, 42 hinges(21 ingots), 27 glass, 8 steel ingots, 3 gold, quicksliver and moonstone ingots, and 48 clay. You need a total of 170 iron ingots, or 240 ore.

Do stone quarries run out in Skyrim? ›

This material is mined with a pickaxe from sources called "Stone Quarry" found throughout Skyrim. These sources can yield 4,000 units each before depleting.

What are the best farmable ingredients in Skyrim? ›

The three ingredients that may be planted in the garden which produce the single most valuable potion are Creep Cluster, Mora Tapinella, and Scaly Pholiota. The second most valuable is Blue Mountain Flower, Glowing Mushroom, and Nightshade.


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